The American University of Rome today announced the appointment of Dr. Lyal S. Sunga to their Department of International Relations and Global Politics. An internationally acclaimed expert in human rights, humanitarian law and international criminal law, Dr. Sunga’s work and research has taken him to some 55 countries for monitoring, investigation and reporting, technical cooperation, lectures, training and workshops, involving international organizations, Government officials, academics, NGOs and civil society. Over the last 25 years, he has also worked for or consulted with a wide array of UN agencies, Governments, academic institutions, think tanks and national human rights institutions and has been a regular commentator in news media.

In 1997, Dr. Sunga authored “The Emerging System of International Criminal Law: Developments in Codification and Implementation” - a foundational book published in advance of the 1998 adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court - as well as some 40 book sections and articles in peer-reviewed international law journals. Over the years, he has taught at Carleton University, McGill Law School, University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki Faculty of Law, the University of Geneva, Lund University Faculty of Law, Peking University Law School and Padjajaran University Law School and he has given guest lectures at dozens of other universities and research institutes across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

President of The American University of Rome, Dr. Richard Hodges OBE, on announcing Dr. Sunga’s appointment declared

“AUR has an enviable reputation for attracting experienced and internationally feted subject experts, Dr. Sunga is just such an individual. We are extremely honored that he has chosen to share his broad authority and in-depth knowledge with our students. We welcome Dr. Sunga to Rome and look forward to a long and productive educational relationship.”