AUR aims to give every student the opportunity to take advantage of a high quality education and, accordingly, offers scholarships for each academic program.

Students must submit an application, recommendation letter, and essay in order to be considered. Scholarship applications will not be considered if the student provides the same letter of recommendation they submitted for admissions.

Program Scholarships

Program scholarships offered by AUR are renewable annually until degree requirements are met for a maximum of four years (depending which comes first) and if the student maintains a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.3. All scholarships are only applicable during the spring and fall semesters unless specific to a summer or winter session. Students must be accepted and enroll full time in order to be considered for a scholarship. Deadline (unless stated otherwise): April 1


Archaeology and Classics Scholarship

The degree in Archaeology and Classics combines the theoretical and the practical. In this major students learn about all aspects of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Stewardship of our heritage is a major concern of modern archaeology and our program recognizes this through a component in Cultural Heritage Management.

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Art History Terry Kirk Scholarship

The Art History Program at The American University of Rome provides an innovative education focused on western and neighboring visual cultures. The program stimulates the acquisition of knowledge and encourages critical thinking skills, creativity and cross-cultural understanding.

This student scholarship is established in memory of Prof. Terry Rossi Kirk, Professor of Art History at AUR (1988 – 2009).

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Business Administration Scholarship

The American University of Rome offers one of the leading American-based undergraduate business Programs in Europe. Our Business Administration Program capitalizes on the University’s location in Rome and the resources available in Rome, Italy and Europe.

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Communication Scholarship

The Communication and English Program has multiple strengths: an ideal location for the study of global communication, faculty with diverse backgrounds and skills, programs reflective of the dynamic nature of communication in modern society, opportunities to learn through internships and sensitivity to living and working in multicultural and international settings.

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English Writing, Literature and Publishing Scholarship

The English Writing, Literature, and Publishing Program prepares students for the dynamic and creative world of writing and literature in an international setting. Literary culture comes to life through the places, food, and culture of Italy, and our program is designed to help you find your individual voice and also to see yourself as part of a rich historical tradition. If you are passionate about developing your craft as a writer and your knowledge of literature and to learn about the world of publishing in a global setting, our program is your gateway to a rewarding career. Whether you plan to pursue a career as a creative or professional writer or pursue graduate work in literary studies, the EWLP Program will be a springboard to future study or a career in the arts or in the fields in written communication.

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Film and Digital Media Scholarship

The Film and Digital Media Program is the only program of its kind in English in Italy. Students are surrounded by the ancient splendor of Rome’s city center while also utilizing the latest tools and technologies. Our students from all corners of the globe are versed and grounded in the traditional principles and techniques behind the craft of making finished pieces that have something to say, aim to evoke change, or just make waves.

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Fine Arts Scholarship

The Fine Arts Program offers students extraordinary experiences in the fields of painting, drawing and music. With a faculty richly diverse in style and method, students of the visual arts are encouraged to grapple with themes both contemporary and classical. Instruction is both technical and theoretical, but the true “Master Classes” are given by the Old Masters themselves; works by Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio and Titian await all eager and aspiring artists in many of the neighboring museums and churches throughout Rome.

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Interdisciplinary Studies Scholarship

Crossing intellectual barriers and making connections between different forms of evidence is at the heart of the major in Interdisciplinary Studies. This degree enables undergraduates, in conjunction with their academic advisor, to foster and develop personal interests and assemble a program of “clusters” of courses that do not fall either within The American University’s existing range of degree program options or under a single, conventional, academic heading. In particular, students are encouraged to take advantage of The American University’s unique situation in Rome, and utilize a wide range of the city’s resources.

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International Relations and Global Politics Scholarship

AUR’s International Relations Program combines an excellent faculty, students who embody the diversity of people around the world, a curriculum that is both theoretical and practical in character, opportunities for fieldwork and internships and learning excursions in Europe and beyond. Rome serves as the ideal backdrop for the study of international relations and politics and provides opportunities for internships with organizations dedicated to the pursuit of enhanced international cooperation.

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Italian Studies Scholarship

Students committed to the study of Italy, its language, its literature and its culture, thrive in our Italian Studies Program. Students capitalize on our location in Rome and develop their skills in the language and their knowledge of Italian literature and culture in our classes, in their everyday lives in the city and in learning excursions throughout Italy.

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Other scholarships

Financial need scholarships are renewable annually until degree requirements are met for a maximum of four years (depending which comes first), returning students must apply each semester for the AUR hardship scholarship. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0. All scholarships are only applicable during the spring and fall semesters unless specific to a summer or winter session. Students must be accepted and enroll full time in order to be considered for a scholarship.


Financial Need Scholarship

Students who have academic merit and financial need but have not yet chosen a degree program may apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is still valid after the student declares their major.

Deadlines: Fall semester: April 1st; Spring semester: November 1st

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Hardship Scholarship

For returning resident AUR students, this scholarship is offered to students who have found themselves in financial hardship and need financial assistance returning to their studies. The amount students receive varies depending upon your financial needs. The Hardship Scholarship is not renewed annually.

Deadlines: Fall semester: April 1st; Spring semester: November 1st

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Michael D’Angelo Fine Arts Scholarship

This contribution is made by Vincent J. Viola in honor of his father-in-law, an accomplished artist.  The American University of Rome along with Mr. Viola, in recognition of Mr. D’Angelo’s achievements, will promote the study of fine arts by awarding one student each fall semester, $12,500 per academic year, annually renewable for a maximum of four years. Students must submit a portfolio of their art along with the AUR scholarship application.  The student will be asked to write a note to Mr. Viola each year, before the winter break to thank him for his financial help and update him on his progress (in all areas, artistic and academic). Criteria to Retain Scholarship: 3.0 GPA, major in fine arts, full time enrollment status.

Deadlines: Fall semester: April 1st; Spring semester: November 1st

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Alumni Scholarship

The Alumni Scholarship is available to new students entering AUR in the fall semester. This scholarship has been made possible by donations from AUR Alumni and is awarded to students who will commit to contributing to the AUR community and school spirit. This scholarship is awarded for one year (split between the fall and spring semesters).

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Sons of Italy Scholarship

The Order Sons of Italy in America (or OSIA) offers a scholarship together with The American University of Rome to American students with Italian heritage. The scholarship is $20,000 over four years (the recipient will receive $5,000 each academic year) and is awarded based on merit.

The OSIA Committee selects the recipient based on academic merit (including test scores, transcripts, and a letter of recommendation), the essay response, and community service/volunteerism.

Both new and returning AUR students are eligible to apply.

Deadline: February 28th 

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Student Assistantship Program

The American University of Rome offers a limited number of student assistantship to full-time AUR degree-seeking students. Students who participate in this program provide administrative assistance to the University in exchange for either an allowance or partial remission of fees and tuition. New students must complete at least one semester at AUR before applying for student assistantships. Transfer students can apply their first semester for student assistantship (max. 10 hours per week).

Learn more about our Student Assistantship Program

Sibling Discount


Definition of Sibling: The student must be one of two or more children having one or both parents in common. This discount is not available to family members outside the sibling relationship such as cousins, spouses and so on.


A student who has a sibling who is studying at The American University of Rome is eligible for a 20% discount. The discount will apply only to the second sibling and only when both are enrolled simultaneously and are degree-seeking students at AUR. If one graduates, transfers, drops to part time enrollment status, or drops out, the remaining one pays full tuition less any scholarships/work study he/she may have. The students must be making satisfactory academic progress.

The discount will only apply to tuition costs.

Application procedure:

Sibling application discounts are available through the Admissions Office.

AUR Yellow Ribbon

The Yellow Ribbon tuition waiver helps veterans who have served in the US military. Initially it was intended to actually participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program by the US Veterans Department. However, due to our foreign schools status we were not eligible to participate. In response to that and in order for us to obtain a ‘Veteran Friendly’ school status AUR has created its own Yellow Ribbon Scholarship for those whom would have been eligible. If the student is approved the tuition waiver will apply after benefits are received.

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