Playing on the She-Wolves’ team gives students an opportunity to truly mix not just with local Roman students but with the international academic community found here as well; in addition to great fun and camaraderie, the tournament offers the She-Wolves a chance to test their soccer skills against those European.  Because the She-Wolves’ field is nearby and because AUR provides transportation to their away games for both team and fans, the AUR She-Wolves enjoy enthusiastic school spirit from students, faculty and staff as well as from the tournament’s only mascot, “Wolfie”.  The games also offer significant social bonding between the many different study abroad and resident students who attend AUR.

Students will find the calcio femminile unique in that it is played on a smaller field and with 5 players. Their very worthy European opponents are often surprised by the skills brought to the game by the AUR She-Wolves, as soccer amongst young American women is more popular than usually found locally.

Tryouts for the She-Wolves are typically held during the first week of classes each semester, with the tournament officially kicking off in October and continuing into May.

Practices are held on Tuesdays from 8 to 10 pm  on the field “Regina Pacis” at Piazza Rosolino Pilo.

While the schedule varies, games are typically held on Wednesdays.  AUR Student Peers meet the team and their fans outside “the Arches” before every game (usually 7:15/7:30, please see the MyAUR Events Calendar for specifics for each game) to either walk to the local field or to catch the AUR bus to an away game.

For more information on soccer, please contact Student Life at