Alumni on Campus

On behalf of AUR’s administration and faculty, we are emailing to convey a new policy related to alumni visits and access to campus. We are committed to the wellbeing and safety of our community, and in doing so, we need to be aware of anyone entering our campus.

Therefore, we have decided to ask that all AUR alumni contact us in advance to let us know that they are planning to visit. As you may have guessed, this decision comes in part as a response to the need for increased security in today’s world, and in part, because during certain times of the year such as exams and other periods of increased activity we have limited space and shared resources.

You are always welcome, and we WANT all alumni to come back to campus, please know that. However, we do need you to call or email before you plan to visit. That way, we can provide the front gate with your name and an alumni badge. Be assured that we are following universities common and best practices in doing this, so, again, thank you for your understanding.

We strive for a safe and welcoming campus environment for everyone, and we believe this approach is the best way to ensure that for all.

Planning a visit to campus? Please email or call +39 0658330919 ext. 245 with the date and purpose of your visit.

We look forward to seeing you.