M.A. Program in Food Studies: Policies for sustainable production and consumption

The M.A. in Food Studies: Policies for sustainable production and consumption is a cross disciplinary program that aims to provide knowledge and skills on the current situation and developments surrounding sustainable food production and consumption, and on how we affect the Earth’s resources with our food choices. It has inherent international dimensions but focuses on how associated policies and regulations are framed and implemented at regional, national and sub-national levels by the public and non-profit sectors as well as by the food industry.

It is a flexible program that allows students to acquire research methods and techniques and also to choose courses to enhance their business or multimedia communication skills. Students with entrepreneurial ambitions can follow a course of study whereby they will gain both conceptual grounding and hands-on skills in relation to the business of food, including accounting and finance, marketing, strategy and other functional business areas in both large and small corporate entities. Students may also choose multimedia communication and learn concepts and theories of visual communication related to food in an ever evolving digital environment, along with technical skills for a variety of multimedia products. Students will also have the opportunity to hone their writing skills in relation to food, in its various professional forms, including technical writing for the scientific community, policy-makers and consumers.

Students will be able to pursue career goals that might include: following a professional path leading to work in international and non-profit organizations or private sector companies; becoming an entrepreneur in the food business; working in communications and digital media related to food; or continuing on to further research-based work.

Duration:        15 months

Start date:       Fall 2017

Credits:            36

Core courses:              15 credits total
Electives courses:      15 credits total
Thesis:                            6 credits total

Bachelor’s degree in Humanities, Sciences or Social Sciences and excellent knowledge of English.

  • Costs for U.S. citizens and permanent residents and Canadian citizens

20,000 US Dollars*

  • Costs for citizens and permanent residents of countries other than United States or Canada

15,000 Euros*

*Tuition fees do not include additional costs to consider for field trips that may be planned during the year as part of the course of study, estimated to be in the range of 1,600 Euros or 1,840 US Dollars.

The University reserves the right not to run a Program if it does not enroll sufficient numbers of students. Acceptance to the Program does not automatically guarantee that the Program will run.