MA Program in Sustainable Cultural Heritage

The M.A. program in Sustainable Cultural Heritage trains graduates to face the most important challenge in the heritage industry today: its long-term viability.

Rome is at the center of debates about global heritage. With major international organizations in the city, as well as the greatest concentration of heritage monuments and works, nowhere in the world provides a better base to prepare a student for a career in this field.

Today, in order to make cultural heritage both sustainable and socially useful it is necessary to recognize the need for a multidisciplinary approach to the heritage spectrum. Those who wish to work with heritage will have to undertake many different responsibilities across many areas of expertise.

This M.A. shapes a new generation of professionals. Liberal Arts, Humanities and Social Science graduates acquire the management and business skills to work worldwide. Thanks to AUR’s connections and collaborations with numerous cultural institutions both in Rome, Italy and the Mediterranean, this M.A.  provides practical experience in professional circumstances that will shape each student’s career.

The Master’s degree in Sustainable Cultural Heritage will enable students to seek employment in cultural heritage public and private institutions or pursue research at Ph.D. level.

Duration: 15 months

Starting date: Fall 2017

Credits: 39

The total number of credits for the M.A. program is 39 of which 30 credits is for course work, 3 for the internship and 6 for the thesis.

Core courses:     18 credits total

Internship:             3 credits

Electives:             12 credits total

Thesis:                    6 credits total

The prerequisite for admission is a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, Humanities or Social Science and excellent knowledge of English.

  • Costs for U.S. citizens and permanent residents and Canadian citizens

20,000 US Dollars

  • Costs for citizens and permanent residents of countries other than United States or Canada

15,000 Euros

The University reserves the right not to run a Program if it does not enroll sufficient numbers of students. Acceptance to the Program does not automatically guarantee that the Program will run.