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If you are self-motivated, curious about other cultures and aspire to be part of the international community,
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All of our courses are taught in English

Change your life: 15 Month Master Degrees at AUR

The American University of Rome’s prestigious Graduate School offers Master Degrees in Arts Management, Food Studies and Sustainable Cultural Heritage. All Programs emphasise intellectual development and transferable skills towards both academic and professional goals. Apply now for 2017 entry.

Undergraduate applications open for Spring and Fall 2017

Are you a dreamer, an adventurer? Are you looking outside your normal comfort zone? Join our diverse, multi-cultural, international community in Rome. We are now accepting applications for Spring (Undergraduate) and Fall (Undergraduate and Graduate) 2017: submit your application today.

J-Term: Applications open for Spring 2017 short courses

The American University of Rome offers a J-Term (January Term) with the aim of providing AUR resident and visiting students with exciting learning experiences, J-term offers fast paced courses addressing interest-worthy topics and areas of study. Spend 2 weeks in Rome, earn 3 credits, and enjoy all that Italy has to offer.

Upcoming Events

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This lecture by Dr. Guglielmo Mariani explores the extraordinary journey of Italian artist Constantino Brumidi from the Pope’s kingdom to Lincoln’s Washington DC. Costantino Brumidi’s fascinating and surprisingly relatively unknown life experiences represent a bridge between two nations and cultures, that of the United States and Italy.


The ‘Citizenship in a global era’ conference is presented by:

Federal Bar Association, Immigration & International Law Sections and the Chicago Chapter\
John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University of Chicago
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance of Stanford University
University of Notre Dame, Keough School of Global Affairs and Rome Global Gateway
The American University of Rome


The first on our Fall series of Business Lectures sees us welcome back one of our many successful alumna


AUR and the American Academy of Rome are hosts for 37th Annual Conference of Association of Environmental Archaeology entitled ‘Synthesis and Change in Palaeo-Environmental studies in the Mediterranean’. The discipline of environmental archaeology is approaching a number of cross roads that will challenge its existence and relevance in a world where humanities funding is shrinking, while archaeological scientific method is expanding…

Featured Stories

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Brexit: EU΄s window of opportunity

The United Kingdom (UK) voted to exit the European Union (EU).Brexit is hitting the global economy,markets are shocked and the sterling went down to its lowest level since 1985 vis-à-vis the US dollar. An article by Professor Irene Caratelli.

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Inter Versiculos in Sicilia

A Week-long Workshop in Latin Verse Composition led by Dr. David Money of The University of Cambridge in association with the University of Michigan and The American University of Rome. Rationale From Virgil and Ovid to Erasmus, Milton, and Arnold – the practice of Latin verse composition has stretched across the ages and has –

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UK Referendum: Brexit, Voice, and Loyalty

The UK has always been an ambivalent member with anti-European sentiments, as it has a utilitarian approach to the European Union (i.e. market objectives, no politics). Latest polls show the results of the Referendum to be almost fifty-fifty. The bandwagon effect will be decisive. {An article by Professor Irene Caretalli}.

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