Italian Language Skills for Graduate Studies

AUR offers M.A. students an optional extracurricular 30-hour introductory course in Italian Language Skills for Graduate Studies. The course will meet five hours a week (divided into three weekly sessions) over the first six weeks of the semester to best fit in with the academic demands and schedules of all the M.A. programs, and it will be recorded as pass/fail on student transcripts. The course fee is 500 US Dollars or 400 Euros. (A minimum enrollment of 10 students must be met in order for the course to run; maximum capacity: 16.)

The M.A. Peace Studies: Religions in times of conflict program offers an interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse study of culture and religion in their political and social dimensions. The research and study of particular religious traditions, social and political context in which they evolved, and the political ideas they influenced, contribute to the promotion of peace, religious and cultural diversity, cross-cultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation.

The M.A. in Peace Studies utilizes the unique location of The American University of Rome to provide students the opportunity to study the development of religious institutions, their teachings and practices, in connection with the ever changing social context.

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Why the AUR Graduate School?

  • Small class sizes means individual attention
  • Our Faculty are outstanding leaders in their fields
  • Based in Rome – the crossroads of the ancient and modern world
  • Internship opportunities with high profile international organizations
  • Affordable tuition fees and living expenses

Conferences & Events

Democratizing Food Governance held on October 14, 2016

The Democratizing Food Governance conference was held on October 14th and was hosted by The American University of Rome in collaboration with the Economics, Management and Institutions Department of the University of Naples Federico II, the University of Vermont and University College Cork and supported by Fulbright and the European Society for Rural Sociology.

Scholarship & Graduate Loans announcement

We are delighted to announce three new graduate scholarships of 50% off total tuition. There will be one offered for each of the graduate programs commencing in Fall 2017.  The deadline for applying for these scholarships is March 1st 2017, available to all who have completed their applications by February 1st.

We are also pleased to announce that AUR has been approved to participate in the Federal Student PLUS Loan program for graduates. You must be a US citizen or eligible non-US citizen and you must meet general eligibility requirements for the Federal Student Aid programs.

Also worth noting, for those who have studied with us before; AUR offers a 10% tuition discount for alumni.

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